Our Name


Once upon a time there was a very big dog living at a doggy shelter in Boston. Despite the fact that he wasn't housetrained and didn't understand English very well, he was adopted by a houseful of college students. They liked him because he was big and ferocious-looking, even though he was probably only capable of drowning a burglar with his drool. And he liked them because they drooled a lot too.

It was decided that he should be given a ferocious name, one that would strike fear into the heart of anyone who might be casing the house to break into. After much thought-provoking and intellectual discussion, he was dubbed "Manson" (yes, after Charlie). His name begat his nickname: Psycho Killer Mad Dog. The seed for a business name was born.

Manson happily resided in suburban Rhode Island with Michelle Burke's parents until March 2004, when he went over the Rainbow Bridge.

Charlie, the other half of Mad Dog's namesake and a very happy-go-lucky golden retriever, was adopted from a local rescue organization in April 2000. He spent almost 12 years making sure Michelle and the Mad Dog team met all their work deadlines but still took some time to smell the roses. Charlie crossed Rainbow Bridge on March 2, 2012.

Charlie is, and will remain, the face of Mad Dog.

How the Mad Dog name came to be, and our four-legged furry contributors.