Friends Gone To Rainbow Bridge


On March 6, 2004, Manson, the dog who was the inspiration for Mad Dog Design's name, crossed over Rainbow Bridge. He lived to the ripe old age of 13.5.

Charlie, the other half of Mad Dog's namesake, was a beloved member of the family until he crossed Rainbow Bridge on March 2, 2012. He also lived to be 13.5, and we'd give our eyeteeth to say he was still with us. He is in spirit.

If you have the opportunity to adopt a dog, or any pet, into your life, please do, whether its a purebred, like Charlie, or a mutt, like Manson. There will be vet bills, chewed up shoes, and a host of other little annoying moments. Those are minor compared to all the unconditional love you'll get from your adopted furkid. Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue is always looking for good people, as is your local Humane Society.

Now please go give your furkid a hug.

From the Pack at Mad Dog Design Inc.

ps: for those that aren't familiar with Rainbow Bridge, click here.

A tribute to our furry friends that have crossed Rainbow Bridge.